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Handgun and  Ammunition
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M.R. Tactical LLC
Sets the Standard 
in Handgun Instruction

Specializing in Gun License Classes in Maryland, Including HQL, Wear and Carry, and Basic Handgun Instruction 

Let Our 150 Years of Combined Law Enforcement Guide You on a Deep Dive Into Handgun Instruction and Laws

Maryland requires only a minimum understanding of their gun laws, and many companies teach only that. At M.R. Tactical, we believe it is important for gun owners to more fully understand how laws impact a gun owner in any situation, including an individual  protecting their home and family, a concealed carrier protecting their life, and more. We teach the National Standard in all of our classes and keep gun safety the top priority.

As law enforcement officers and competitive pistol and combat shooters, we have worked with National Champion pistol competitors, Jr. Olympic rifle shooters, combat shooters, and youth camps. We enjoy working with all levels of shooters, from beginner to advanced, and believe everyone will learn something in our classes. 

We have set the standard in handgun instruction that other companies in the  area are striving to meet!

Guaranteed Results 

If for any reason you fail to qualify during the shooting portion of the class, we will create a personal development program and work with you to requalify for FREE. If you have failed, we have failed, and we do not accept failure.

Private Classes Available 

For groups of six or more, we can arrange private classes, either at your own home or at our facility. 

One-Stop Convenience 

For the convenience of our students, we offer on-site fingerprinting during class through one of our partners in the fingerprinting industry. We also bring a representative from U.S. Law Shield to explain how they can provide legal services should you need to protect yourself.

State-of-the-Art Simulator

Included in our classes is training in our custom designed simulator that was developed and is currently in use by multiple police departments and military to give you the unique opportunity to practice real-life scenarios under realistic situational environments.

Offering Ladies-Only Classes

We recognize the unique factors that can come into play when a woman is learning to shoot or considering getting their concealed carry. We offer a welcoming and supportive environment, where women not only learn to shoot, but gain a sense of empowerment that stays with them long after the class is over.

Ladies shooting handgun in gun class
Concealed carry gun in holster

Our Instructors

Richard Croft, Co-Owner

Rich is a 25 year veteran of the police force, having served in multiple units. He is currently involved in instruction and mentoring high school students. He is also an accomplished competitive shooter of 30 years and works with all levels of shooters from novices to National Champion pistol shooters. Rich is a family man, whose passion is training individuals to protect themselves and their loved ones.

- State Civilian Accredited Instructor

- State Accredited Law Enforcement Instructor

- Nationally Accredited Instructor

- Nationally Accredited Range Safety Officer

~ L.E.T.-C Program (Law Enforcement Training – Civilians).

~ Legislative Course Program Developer

Michael Lynch, Co-Owner

Mike has served as a police officer for 18 years. He believes it is of the utmost importance for you to be able to protect yourself and your loved ones, and his training as a Tactical Shooting Coach, specializing in self-defense and advanced shooting fundamentals, gives him the unique ability to teach that to his students. 

~ Nationally Accredited Firearms instructor

~ Nationally Accredited Range Safety Officer

~ State Civilian Accredited Firearms Instructor

~ L.E.T.-C Program (Law Enforcement Training – Civilians).

~ Legislative Course Program Developer

John C.

"Fantastic instruction. When they say they can teach anyone to shoot, they aren’t kidding. Entertaining, informative, and thorough. The only place to get your CCW. If you are a beginner or a highly experienced gun user, you will learn new info.​"

Karen T.

"I was a nervous wreck coming into the classroom and even worse during qualifying. I was positive that I wouldn't be able to retain all the information and that I was surely going to shoot my eye out! I realized that I was only one of two people in the entire class with ABSOLUTELY NO EXPERIENCE, but you guys made me feel very comfortable and your patience was greatly appreciated. You made learning fun!  The two of you together are a class act, and I will definitely be recommending your class to everyone."

Mike A.

“I had to take a break to gather myself after being in the simulator. It is unbelievable real world, practical experience.”
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